An advance R & D center backed by experienced technologies is a “Generator” for upgrading product quality and competitiveness.
The associate manufacturers invest sufficient in the infrastructure and advance quality control instruments. It includes HPCL, GC, Karl Fischer etc.
We also hire services from technical consultants, academic institutes and professional research centers as and when needed. It helps us keep abreast of the global trends.
Quality is never achieved by an accident. It is always a result of high dedication and sincere efforts coupled with skillful implementation of system. At Group Nova, quality begins right from sourcing of raw material and constantly applied through the in process to finished product.Every batch passes through stringent test procedure before dispatch Best Exporter of Bromo Pentane,Direct Black 22, Direct Black 22 Manufacturer,Direct Black 22 Exporter, Direct Black 22 India, Bromo Acetyl Bromide, Ortho bromo benzoic acid, Bromo Nitro Benzene, Iso Butyl Bromide, Benzoyl Cyanide.

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