Mexico is an official United Mexican States country situated in the southern portion of North America. It comes in the border of north by the United States (US) to the south and west by the Pacific Ocean and is in conjunction of Guatemala, Belize, and the Caribbean Sea; and to the east by the Gulf of Mexico. We are leading exporters of antioxidants, bromine compounds, intermediates for dyes & pigments and PTC that has the international quality.

We take great effort to ensure that the quality and stability of our products remain on standard to meet the international market. Our company monitors raw materials, apply strict controls in our manufacturing processes and follow rigid systems in quality control, to supply products to a level expected of our client. We have the right quality control systems in place is common sense and common practice.

Our company is prominent Tocopherol manufacturer in India not only that we also export tetra butyl ammonium bromide and we are MAA Manufacturer in India that comes within the budget of the client and specification ordered.

chemicals exporter in mexico