In Italy (Rome as Capital) the famous cities to visit are Milan, Naples, Palemo, Genoa, Turin and such. Places like Colosseum, Cinque Terre and Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore are landmark of art and ancient ruins. The dyes and chemical is our main product that is produced under expert supervision and strict quality measures taken. Other than dyes, we are also a leading exporter of pigments that can be used in a wide range of industries like agrochemicals, Pharma, food & beverages, oil & gas, paint, coating & ink, animal feed and personal care. We export chemicals and dyes at the lowest price with highly trusted quality and within less courier time. Furthermore, the quality of antioxidant and bromine and other chemicals meets all the international quality tests.

For instant our supplied 1, 2 Dibromoethane chemical consist odor li6ke chloroform and a sweetish taste and soluble in water.  Moreover, Ethylene dibromide is used to make dyes and pharmaceuticals, as a solvent for gums and waxes, in waterproofing and as a gauge fluid. It had been widely used in the past as an antiknock agent in leaded petrol. Our engineers follow a specific set of processes like it begins from selecting right material & processes, temperature and force, grinding, finishing at quality check.

chemicals exporter in Italy