Chemicals Manufacturer in Nigeria : CAS Number: 106-94-5

In Nigeria the popular cities are Lagos, Abuja, Lekki and Benin City and widely spoken language are Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Fula, and English. Creole is widely spoken. It has most delicious cuisine like akara onion rings, meat base suya, banga soup, barbecue meat and the like.

Our department is staffed with technicians with experience who is dedicated to our common aim quality products like antioxidants and bromine compounds with speedy delivery. Consistent communication between experts and clients creates a trust unmatched by anyone in the field. Applications dyes and pigments are many but our unequalled expertise has secured our place in the dying industry. Our knowledge and superior workmanship ensure us to be the primary source for the years to come.

Antioxidant ensures that the foodstuffs are kept to preserve their taste and color and remain edible over a longer period. It acts as an anti- oxidation of fats and fat-containing products. Our exports of these tpye of chemical are of the best in quality and meet the international standard market.


chemicals exporter in nigeria