1, 2 Dibromoethane - CAS NO.: 106-93-4

Nova International is manufacturer and exporter of 1,2-DibromoethaneCAS NO.: 106-93-4 is a colorless liquid with a strong odor that was once used as a pesticide. 1, 2-Dibromoethane was also added to gasoline. 1,2-dibromoethane are known as ethylene dibromide, EDB, and glycol bromide. 1,2-Dibromoethane is mainly used in the manufacture of leaded petrol, it is used as a fumigant in soil, grains, fruits, and vegetables. It is used in the treatment of logs for pests and as a preparation for dyes and waxes. It is also used in the production of some plastics and latex, and as a chemical intermediate.

1,2-dibromoethane is a Ethylene Dibromidethat is ethane carrying bromo substituent at positions 1 and 2, and  It is produced by marine algae. 1,2 Dibromoethane is used in the synthesis of multifunctional agents used in the inhibition of acetyl cholinesterase and butyrycholinesterase and showing antioxidant activity. 1,2 Dibromoethane is a clear, colorless, volatile liquid brominated hydrocarbon with a sweet, mild, chloroform-like odor that emits corrosive and toxic fumes when heated to decomposition. 1,2 Dibromoethane is used as a chemical intermediate in the synthesis of waxes, gums, resins, dyes and pharmaceuticals and is used to produce vinyl bromide.

1, 2 Dibromoethane properties:



1, 2 Dibromoethane


1,2-Dibromoethane; Aadibroom; Bromofume; Ethylene bromide; Ethylene dibromide;

CAS Number


Molecular Formula



Clear Colourless Oil


98.5 % min




Chloroform, Methanol


Room Temp

Melting Point



1-Bromopropane, is mainly used as a solvent and for the cleaning of metal surfaces, removal of soldering residues from electronic circuit boards.