Chemicals Manufacturer and Exporter in Ahmedabad, India

Chemicals Exporter is one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and Stockiest of Chemicals in India. We cater to the global market in the field of Bromine Compounds, Specialty Chemicals, Ethylene Dibromide, CAS No. 2840-28-0 6, 4-Aminotoluene-2-Sulphonanilide, CAS No. 79-72-1, 2 Chloro Para Phenylene Di-Amine and other components finds usage value in defined applications.

Incorporated in the year 1999, we have successfully attained market credibility in a span of 15 years. We are reckoned as a proficient manufacturer and exporter of Chemical Compounds. We have acquired world class expertise in the development & manufacture of Chemicals

Chemical Manufacturing Company in India

We are expert in the formulation and manufacturing of various chemicals for a variety of industrial, commercial and consumer markets. With our wide distribution network and logistics support provides us the leeway in catering to the demand of our esteemed clients in a befitting manner. Our array of chemicals is manufactured from premium quality of chemicals and is known for purity, accurate composition and correct formulation.

As a quality-oriented company, we are counted as best supplier of chemicals. Our quality control wing has helped us in offering products of maximum quality in this competitive business scenario. We assure our clients that our products are made using most reliable chemicals,Bromine Compounds,Tbhq, Dichlone, Dyes And Pigments Intermediates, Specialty & Fine Chemicals, 3 Amino 4 Chloro Benzoic Acid 4, CABA Intermediate Manufacturer,1 Bromo Pentane, Ortho Bomo Benzonitrile.

Our vision is to emerge as a key source to leading Global consumers of Specialty Chemicals and Intermediates for Dye stuff, Food Colors and Bromine Compounds.

Our gamut of Chemical Components, Dyes and Pigments Intermediates, Ethyl Bromide, Pyridine Hydrobromide catered by us, is highly demanded by various industries for different purposes


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Quality centered highly precise fabrication with latest innovative tools and techniques is our focused criteria of manufacturing that helps to gain our goal to achieve highest quality standard of Ethylene Dibromide, Glycol dibromide and other chemicals.



Chemicals like Dibromo Ethane and 1, 2 Dibromoethane with strict and controlled quality measures contains high significance in international market.


Quality & Vision

We at nova group, strictly adhere to the visionary system that continuous enhance and improve the global value of our products by implementing most modern contrivances and set-ups.

To get answered for what is bromine compound or where Benzoyl Cyanide used, just have an overview of our website. Your entire query about chemicals and its characteristics are expertly responding here with NOVA INTERNATIONAL. We provide complete guidance and support about your remark

Our brawny global presence is responded remarkably in Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Oman, Dubai and other gulf countries, Middle East countries and South Asian countries. We are going to extend our trade link to Argentina, Burma, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines, Mali and Mauritius.

Our Latest Products

Manufacturer and Exporter of Chemicals N-propyl Bromide, 3 Amino 4 Chloro Benzoic Acid,2 Chloro Para Phenylene Di-Amine, 4-Amino Acetanilide Manufacturer, CAS NO.: 621-35-2 Tertiary Butyl Hydroquinone

Chemicals Manufacturer in India

Nova International is a leading chemical manufacturer, chemicals supplier, importer, and distributor in India. We’ve been in this business for more than three decades. API & bulk pharmaceuticals, Lubricants, Flavours & Fragrance (Aromatic), Paints & Resin, Printing inks and Varnish, polyurethane industry, resins, specialist coatings, and many other industries rely on us for specialty chemicals and raw materials. We are strategic partners with MNCs as importers, distributors, and suppliers of chemicals. Our main goal is to establish a solid foundation and healthy relationships with our beliefs and valued clients. We have always believed in providing high-quality products that satisfy worldwide standards, are consistent in quality, have superior technical and regulatory backing, and are backed up by logistical assistance. Nova International has been continually improving its technological know-how and developing new products sources.