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Nova International is one of the considerable specialists in the chemical formulation segment, which are broadly used as the chemical intermediate / solvent in the several industries, and is reckoned as the constantly endeavoring company to meet the challenging needs of the varied chemical industries. 1-bromopropane is our one of the most pure and effective chemicals, also famed as N propyl bromide & Propyl bromide in the several industries, holds long life expectancy, précised composition, precise pH amount, chemical stability and non toxicity traits are the grounds behind colossal acclamation of 1-bromopropane.

The formulation of this 1-bromopropane is accomplished through advanced technology along with ingenious processing method consisting of mainly three stages, condensation, neutralization and fractionation to produce an efficacious 1-bromopropane that stand out in terms of purity & stability. Additionally, the determination and intelligence of our employed chemical engineers and other professionals at the unit is one of the reasons for the streamlined processing and advanced formulation of the 1-bromopropane. The formulated 1-bromopropane is a colorless to a faint yellow color, has 71 °C boiling point & -110 °C melting point, has touched apex of demand as a replacement solvent for ozone chemicals or suspect carcinogens.

We believe our constant innovation, endeavors towards excellence in quality together with the dedication of personnels are equally reasonable for our company’s splendid growth, a growth that is manifest from the extended network of the company to overseas countries. All the chemicals are stringently checked by the quality analyst team to make sure it’s accordance with international standards. We export the 1-bromopropane in bulk as well as small quantities based on the requirement, there is no bar for the same and ensure to get no other than pledged quality 1-bromopropane. Further, we are pleased to help domestic as well as international customer in selecting the perfect product for the company’s application purpose.

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1-bromopropane properties :





n-Propyl bromide, Bromopropane, 1-bromo-propan;1-Brompropan, bromo propane;Brompropan, n-propyl, n-propylbromide, Propyl bromide, N-bromopropane;



Empirical Formula



98.5 % min


Clear colorless to slight yellowish liquid



Iso Propyl Bromide

0.3 % MAX.



Melting Point

-110 °C

Boiling Point

71 °C


300 PPM MAX.

Application Perspective :

The usage of the 1-bromopropane has amplified in the past few years due to its Eco friendly nature, yet efficient as a vapor and immersion degreasing operations for cleaning electronics, metals, optical components & plastics, adhesive spray, dry cleaner, solvent sprays, aircraft maintenance and synthetic fiber fabrication.

The huge application areas itself reveals the worthiness of our 1-bromopropane for the industrial usage. On finding as par the competence of this 1-bromopropane, it has replaced, methylene chloride, 1,1,1 trichloroethane (TCA), and perchloroethylene (PERC) in the industrial application.

Advantages of 1-bromopropane :

  • 1-bromopropane is available low cost solution
  • Excellent solvency
  • Non-ozone depleting
  • Ideal to use as cold wipe solvent & vapor degreasing solvent
  • Not from NESHA Pollutants regulated
  • No hazardous or listed solvents
  • Permitted by US EPA & SNAP
  • No unpleasant fumes
  • Easily distillable & recyclable
  • Our product complies with ISO standards

Tools provided by us to evaluate products :

  • In-house testing
  • Analytical testing
  • Regulatory assistance
  • Chemical selection assistance
  • Apparatus technical support
  • Health and safety technical support

Availability of 1-bromopropane :

We understand the urgency of the requirement; therefore we are careful to keep a quantity of solvent in inventory so as can promptly and carefully delivered the ordered gamut on the same day the order is placed. This availability of 1-bromopropane gamut can be accessible by both, domestic customers & overseas customers.

Note: Customized formulation of 1-bromopropane is available on request.

Package: Available in bulk and 250kg high-density polyethylene-lined steel drums, as well as available in small sized packets too.