Chemicals Exporter in  India

Being leading manufacturer and exporter of specialty chemical, we strictly adhere to the international quality norms and conditions for the production of the whole range of chemicals. Being well aware of the operational factors and all related application area of our chemicals, we have strictly designed the plan for the production with methodical levels. We invest our best to research and development for ideally manage a high quality system Chemicals Exporter, Chemicals like Specialty and fine chemicals, Bromine,Tbhq, Dichlone, Dyes And Pigments Intermediates, Specialty & Fine Chemicals, Para Bromo Phenol, Bromo Anisole, Dibromo Butane, 1 Bromo Pentane, Ortho Bomo Benzonitrile. Our experience of about two and half decade has made us perfectly talented and proficient manufacturer. We have adopted best resources to implement our knowledgeable efforts with experienced work out. Our most modern control system possesses HPCL, KARL Fischer and GC.We have selected qualified employees from the field to create value based professionalism. We do not compromise with quality of our chemicals. We have organized a value based quality system with all advanced equipments. Our developed infrastructure ensures zero error in production. Each product passes through stringent quality tests at every level of production right from the beginning to final dispatch.

Bromo Nitro Benzene