Chemicals Manufacturer and Exporter In Ahmedabad, India

NOVA INTERNATIONAL is a leading manufacturer of industrial chemicals in India. It specializes as a producer of high quality chemicals that surpass domestic and international quality standards. The chemicals manufactured can be customized for specific industries and precise applications, thus providing solutions to cater to the exact requirements of its customers. The products cater to various sectors such as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, drugs and dye intermediates, refining of precious metals, defence, resin, textile, and fertilizer among others. The company is a prominent manufacturer of Nitric Acid, Iso Propyl Alcohol (IPA), food grade Liquid Carbon Dioxide and Methanol. To cater to domestic requirements and to maintain its leadership position, NOVA INTERNATIONAL also imports and supplies Ammonia and IPA.
All products conform to world-class quality standards and are preferred brands among various sectors. The Food and Drugs Administration, Govt. of India has issued the FDA license for drummed IPA as conforming to IP, BP, PH Euro, Chinese Pharmacopeia, USP standards. Under this license, other products like Methanol, Carbon dioxide and Nitric Acid can also be included. The Isopropyl Alcohol produced at Taloja plant is in accordance with international quality and standards and meets stringent norms of the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.

Chemicals Manufacturer in India

In the Nitric Acid market, NOVA INTERNATIONAL has developed various customer-led products and grades. The Nitric Acid complex at NOVA INTERNATIONAL is the largest of its kind in South East Asia. Consistent supply of natural gas via NOVA INTERNATIONAL’s own gas pipeline guarantees an uninterrupted feed stock for ammonia, assuring product quality and availability. Further, NOVA INTERNATIONAL’s combined Nitric Acid facility of supported by on-site ammonia thus ensures reliable year – round supply.

NOVA INTERNATIONAL enhanced its nitric acid production capacities by setting up a greenfield project Gujarat, with an investment. Most of the company’s manufacturing facilities, which include industrial chemicals, TAN and fertilisers, are based in Taloja and this was the first foray into Gujarat state. The project was completed in Feb 1992 and commercial production started 1992