BHA antioxidant / butylated hydroxy anisole / Butylated Hydroxyanisole


  • Chemical Name
  • Empirical Formula
  • Molecular Weight
  • Trade Name
  • C.A.S. No.


  • 3 Tertiary Butyl – 4 Hydroxy Anisole
  • C11H16O2
  • 180.25
  • BHA
  • 25013-16-5

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We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the butylated hydroxy anisole understand the significant role of this chemical in the food industry, thereby takes utmost care although the manufacturing process of the same. The entire manufacturing process of this butylated hydroxyl anisole executes under highly controlled and balanced industrial environment. Additionally, the well versed team of professionals pays topmost attention on quality control together with hygiene to procure first-rate quality of the bytylated hydroxy anisole.

We as a team of butylated hydroxy anisole manufacturer continuously make effort in regard to discover the advanced manufacturing process that not only augment the quality of the bytylated hydroxy anisole, but also reduce the cost of the same. This is one of the core reasons that we have created a strong presence in India as well as foreign countries for delivering the best quality butylated hydroxy anisole at the competitive rates. Other than cost efficiency, the offered butylated hydroxy anisole boast a potentiality to be stable even at the higher temperatures, which has made it the first choice of food industry experts to preserve the natural food, in contrast to other preservatives and additives.

As this butylated hydroxy anisole has a tendency to decrease the rate at which other substance undergo oxidation, it is the perfect antioxidant for the foods encompass fats and turns rancid due to the oxidation. The offered butylated hydroxy anisole additive finding its application in an extensive series of food incorporating, beverages, ice cream, candy, baked goods, instant mashed potatoes, edible fats and oils, breakfast cereals, dry yeast, and sausages. Additionally, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries are also banking on the butylated hydrixy anisole in order to preserve lip products, hair products, makeup, sunscreen, antiperspirant/deodorant, fragrance and creams too.


Characteristic of BHA antioxidant / butylated hydroxy anisole / Butylated Hydroxyanisole



  • Appearance
  • Purity by HPLC (C11H16O2)
  • 3- Tert. Butyl-4- Hydroxy Anisole (3 – BHA)
  • Melting Point
  • Tert.Butyl Hydroquinone
  • Arsenic (as AS)
  • Hydroquinone, % by mass
  • Heavy Metals (as Pb)
  • Sulphated Ash


  • White to Pale yellow solid (Crystal / Flake or Pastille) with waxy appearance.
    98.50% Min.
  • 48° C – 63° C
  • 0.1% Max

  • 3 ppm Max

  • 0.1% Max.
  • 02 ppm Max
  • 0.01% Max.

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Crucial details of butylated hydroxy anisole to be consider:

Packaging details
25 Kgs Fiber drums/Paper Bags with inner liner

Storage Condition:
Dry & Cool (Ambient Tem. 25° C)

Life expectancy:
1) When the container is intact: 2 years from date of Manufacturing
2) When the container is open: Subject to external environment