Bangladesh lies with its natural elegance on the Bay of Bengal in Asia region. It is a beautiful country and affectionately called ‘The Land of Rivers’ due to its many waterways stream downs that is having captivating beauty, festive and colorful life of the nation will simply marvelous. We are leading N-propyl Bromide manufacturer also known as 1-Bromopropane (nPB), Bromopropane, 1-propyl bromide, 1-bromopropane, n-propyl bromide, Bromuro de N-propilo. With the company is a long-experienced exporter of N-Propylbromide. We export worldwide N-Propylbromide in over four continents.  We are as a manufacturer, suppler and exporter of N-Propylbromide and other chemical with a wide distribution network, with value-added supply chain solutions.

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