In Malaysia we are able to live a multi-cultured life in cities like Kuala Lumpur, Melaka (Malacca), and George Town, Penang, Pulau Langkawi, Miri, Sandakan, Sibu, Kuantan, Johor, Kedah and such. It is developing Islamic country where languanges like Malay, Chinese, Tamil and Cantonese is used widely amongst the local citizens.  We take great pleasure that we export a wide range of dyes, pigments and chemicals in Malaysian cities with the capital as Kuala Lumpur it is safe our experts follows the international export procedure when it come to quality check and deliver on time.

Our export process enables us to depot superior chemicals and dyes at the lowest price with highly trusted quality and within less courier time. These products antioxidants, bromine compounds, intermediates for dyes & pigments, specialty chemicals, Phase Transfer Catalyst (PTC) are certified by SIRIM, ISO and UKAS which are complied by the Malaysian government.

We have the best exports range of dye and pigments and technical expertise is on par with the best in the region, and our integrated nature allows clients to benefit from our extensive know-how in manufacturing, packaging and marketing of master batches and industrial pigments.

chemicals exporter in malaysia